new new new

everything new is coming!  it is on its way!


until then, stand down and bear the last few weeks of winter, and we’ll see you soon.

(preorders, you are not forgotten!  we have goodies in mind for you!)





committing works

Commit your works to the LORD, and your thoughts will be established.  (Proverbs 16:3)

Let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands for us.  (Psalm 90:17)

The Spirit of the glory and of God rests upon you.  (1 Peter 4:14)

Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling; for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.  (Phil. 2:12-13)



don’t try so hard to try so hard

seek first His Kingdom

(all the rest will be added)

commit all the works of my hands to Him

the music i make echoes what is in my heart,

so focusing on the heart is key.


This makes a difference.

One I’m very excited about.

christmas song!

About a month ago, I sat down at the piano and played a little riff in G.

[I go through cycles of what instrument I like to play.  I am a vocalist by trade, and most of my training is in vocal performance and a little bit of theory.  Instruments are definitely not my forte, so I just flit around to whichever one I feel most welcomed by at the moment.  Two months or so on guitar, two months on piano, and back and forth.  Here, I am in my piano cycle and happy.]

I started singing “Have Yourself  A Merry Little Christmas” on top of it, and knew (despite more advanced chord changes) that I needed to work it out to be able to record this little arrangement of the song.


This is also my first time using an interface, a mic that is not inside the computer with a stand and everything,  the “master volume” on garageband, and bandcamp.  iiii know!


Merry Little by Samantha Crowder



♥ sam

the long awaited update

1.  i met with taylor (the mixer extraordinaire) while i was on my trip in august.
2.  after listening to a few tracks and discussing different concerns, we’ve decided the best thing would be to backpedal and see what we can do better.
3.  because of that, we’re saying:
(but don’t worry, i’ll keep updating.)
i’m a chronic project starter, and i know this about myself.  this is gonna happen (a little later than expected, in true sam fashion) and it’s gonna be worth the wait. nothing will change at the heart, and i’m so thankful for your support and investment in local art.  i just wanted to let err’one know about the delay in production!
i’m really excited about the chance to come at this project with a little more wisdom and experience under my belt (hey, a little goes a long way!), and to make a product i’m proud of.  it’s gonna be like funfetti cake instead of weird kroger sheet cake. you know?
i know it will be well worth the wait and extra work!  more details to come.
so …..can we start over?
hi.  i’m sam.  i’m gonna record some songs.   i’d love for you to hear them.



pictures and stuff!


the ray siblings, daniel faucette, and i doing a crosby, stills, and nash version of “my country” at wake forest coffee co.

john ray on bass, daniel faucette on drums, amaree davis on violin = my awesome team

also my makeshift tablekeyboardstand!!

just a few lingering snapshots of the triangle christian music festival in june (thanks nancy!)

don’t worry i play with both hands, too

august: life & waiting

hey you guys!

well, here i am sitting in my new apartment, finagling a way to get internet because i have NO idea how to get my wireless to work!  but it is good good good to say i am home.

in that regard, i have done a terrible job keeping you guys updated with everything and just life in general!  so i’m throwing the doors wiiiiide open!

since the Triangle Christian Music Festival, my music has kind of taken a little breather.  the tracks are in the hands of the talented and gracious taylor bray, and i can’t wait to see how they are coming together!

in life, i’ve just been working working working in raleigh, saving money, and in general doing grown-uppy type things like paying my auto insurance and paying my taxes.  here’s a couple of pictures i took at my main job downtown:

stitch is a shop where we make things out of vinyl (bags, wallets, coasters, coffee sleeves, et cetera) and we sell them right there!  it’s very fun, and i find that when i’m doing crafty things i think of a TON of lyrics!

i also found a new place to live, and now i’m all moved in.  my parents let me have the piano from our old house, and i am itching to have a few evenings to write.

the inaugural apt photobooth photo!


with that said, i’m not positive just when this EP will be available, BUT you will be the first to know.  well, after taylor, and then after me.  if you have pre-ordered an EP, you will be the first to receive it!  delivered right to your door, even before digital download is available.

patience is always worth it.



happy tuesday / happiness

i was greeted with this today, on this rainy tuesday.  a good reminder.  it IS a happy tuesday!  and i haven’t talked with you guys in a while.


my friend at work was chatting with me in the kitchen and he asked, “sam, i don’t mean to pry, but where do you ultimately see your music going?

i have answered forms of this question for a few years now.  i always have some answer but i never feel like i get it just right, where  i say what i mean and mean what i say.  mostly i have just tried to sound like i have it together.  but today i think i really got it, my heart on the matter.

i will never know what my music will be like in the future, and i think there are too many people out there who have specific “goals” with their art, just to be let down when they don’t get ________ (recorded, signed, famous, on the radio, paid, etc.)  and then they give up or get washed out or burned.

i just want to keep doing music, and  i have no idea what that will look like in different seasons of my life.  i don’t really have much of an agenda with it.  i just want to stay where the creating part makes me happy, where singing and playing and sharing makes me happy.

i want to live life, not live music business.  i’ll have nothing good to sing about or write about if i have no everyday life or experiences to pull from.  you know?


in other news, taylor is still mixing and i’m stoked to see how it sounds!  i’ll let you know as soon as i get to hear some stuff!

also, i’m working on a little cover that is fun and silly, can’t wait to show you.