i love to sing, and i love to make music.


over the past 4 years, i’ve been able to hone in on some songwriting skills, but it has definitely been on the back burner in my life.  between trying to graduate college, working, and singing with other people, my own music has been this little joy,

hidden in the corner of an apartment with a guitar and keyboard

crappily recorded on garageband

quietly created in a practice room with an upright

a language just for me.

it’s no longer a matter of being the best, or even being good.  i think it was, once.  but it has since become this secret joy.  and over the past year, i’ve really felt a need, and want, to share!

to me, writing songs is all about being honest.  telling a story.  going deep down and scraping out anything that matters to you.  saying what you want to say, how you want to say it.  taking the sounds in your head and translating them in real life.

i just can’t wait to create something.

and i want to document and brainstorm along the way, for my sake, and for anyone else who wants to follow along.

i hope it will be a great tool with

updates on songs
video clips
updates on opportunities to play, record, collaborate
and anything that inspires me and my music making!

    so, here’s to gumption!!  i can’t wait to see where this goes!


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