christmas song!

About a month ago, I sat down at the piano and played a little riff in G.

[I go through cycles of what instrument I like to play.  I am a vocalist by trade, and most of my training is in vocal performance and a little bit of theory.  Instruments are definitely not my forte, so I just flit around to whichever one I feel most welcomed by at the moment.  Two months or so on guitar, two months on piano, and back and forth.  Here, I am in my piano cycle and happy.]

I started singing “Have Yourself  A Merry Little Christmas” on top of it, and knew (despite more advanced chord changes) that I needed to work it out to be able to record this little arrangement of the song.


This is also my first time using an interface, a mic that is not inside the computer with a stand and everything,  the “master volume” on garageband, and bandcamp.  iiii know!


Merry Little by Samantha Crowder



♥ sam


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