the artist in the office – book reccomendation

if you are an artist and also working “normal” jobs, i HIGHLY recommend this lovely book by summer pierre.  it truly is an honor to do art in life and in everyday tasks.

there are also many steps we can take and mindsets to take on to enjoy our work (which may be otherwise totally separate from our art) AND motivate our art.  it is so encouraging to know that art is work, too, and yes, we CAN have two jobs!

it is complete with inspiring (and adorably presented) quotes, recipes for little indulgences (mocha, anyone?) on a teeny budget, ideas for adventures on lunch breaks and weekends, and overall how to funnel meaning and art into a job that could seem mundane.

this book gets the SAM STAMP OF APPROVAL!  hope you buy it, borrow it, or check it out at your local library, and find motivation to continue your art!



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