in reagan’s words, the “board of directors,” etc.

a few weeks ago, my dear friend reagan wrote a compelling post on her “board of directors.”  these are the people in her life that have a direct say into her life, into who she is, and who she becomes.  they are the people, she eloquently describes, from whom you take bits and pieces of and weave into your identity.  i haven’t shaken the thought of that since.

my friend andrew recently sent me this article, “How to Make a Living Playing Music” by Danny Barnes.  solid, no nonsense direction and advice on just what he says he’s going to talk to you about.  he, like reagan, emphasizes the importance of a “board of directors” in life, regardless of music, but especially with music.  he talks about record deals, part-time jobs, and performance mentalities.  if you are an artist, i deem this a MUST READ.  the following is one of my favorite nuggets of wisdom:

“keep your art the main focus. it isn’t about you it’s about your art. do what’s good for your art and don’t draw attention to yourself as much as the art. if your main focus is on the art, waiting tables is no big deal because you are doing it to support your art. if your main focus is you, you are not going to like waiting tables. you will feel like you are way too good for that.”

read the article here, it’s not a waste of time.  it’s actually most everything you wish people would tell you.


One response

  1. reagankbennett

    i read this and almost cried. i love you.

    September 16, 2010 at 4:03 pm

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